Monday, October 6, 2008

letters to sweden

dearest kelly,
i thought about you as i studied in the 
halls between classes today.
i like to study in the hallway when i don't have to 
work too hard, so i can people watch as well.
sometimes, the library just doesn't cut it, ya know?

i contemplated long and hard about these:

your lovely recommendation of a rain boot. 
i chose the lilac ones and have fallen deeply in love with their appearance.
 there is one problem though. 
i have to confess my buyers regret because they look absolutely horrible on me! i am way too short for these long, tall, beauties. and for the price, i just can't wait for the right outfit to complement them.
i regret having to share this news with you, for i know how much you adore hunter rain boots.

there is a happy ending however. 
i splurged on these thangs in the same order and have no regret there. my love for hunters will still endure. 
i call them my house shoes, but i 
secretly wear them elsewhere also. 

i hope you will continue to personal shop 
for me in the future.
you are fabulous at it regardless of this 
particular situation.
thanks for your fabulousity friend.
i love you!

affectionately yours,


Anne said...

i'm getting some. and you have created a monster with the seashore technology! love you.

jennifer said...

super cute house shoes....doesn't nie have some in one of her pictures?

Kelly said...

1. i could never be productive studying in the halls. i get distracted far too easily. but i do enjoy people watching!

2. so happy with your choices! lilac... my favorite color! and you NEEDED to floral slips on's as well. i am so proud of you! :)

3. fyi... annelie just got the tall ones in lilac as well. let me remind you that she is barely 5 feet if even that. you are not too short!

4. im obsessed with your blog.

5. keep the letters to sweden comin' sista! :)


Lei said...

Well here you are!!! I heard you were in town, the alst day you were in town... and I was sad I missed you! (Like you have time for little old me) How cute is Pasiley! Ugh - too cute. And I love your house shoes... haha... good justification!

Lei said...

sorry for the typos, sheesh!