Sunday, October 5, 2008

4 words to omaha

dear cousin,
4 words:


and so does this girl.
           i only have one complaint:
where is a comment section?
you must add one so i can praise all your posts!

your toothless aunt C informed me that you are to visit soon.
i can't wait! i have been craving some kara time.

do you like my new halloween door decor?
i saw the idea in a magazine and they were selling for 80 bones.
can you believe how outrageous that is?
i made mine for about 6 bones.

i so enjoyed conference today! i needed a spiritual uplift and got 
what i was looking for. 
not only was i gratified spiritually, but fashionably as well!
did you see Elaine S. Dalton's shirt? i thought of you the moment my eyes saw the black bows adorn her collar bone. this isn't the shirt, but it is the lady. i will search long and far for a picture in case you missed her talk. she was so classy and feminine.

i hope you had a peaceful conference sunday and that all is well with your new job. do tell all about it. i love you and can't wait to tickle your neck...

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Anne said...

yes, yes, yes. loved the bows. and i love the art project. very cool.

Kelly said...

SHAY ... youve done it again! i want that door sign! youre lucky im not in the states otherwise id be sweet talking you into making me one!!