Sunday, September 14, 2008

a play and a sunday dessert

who loves annette?

we do!

annette scored some les miserables tickets to an outdoor amphitheater,

and for some crazy reason gave them to us.

brandon even graciously offered us their gift card to outback steakhouse.

nice huh?

Mr. Pruett and i finally had a night out on our own.

the drive was beautiful,

the conversation; deep,

the food; yummy,

and the play; wet.

although it rained , we enjoyed the performance.

my favorite quote of the night from Mr. Pruett:

"thespians are never normal."

and now to my sunday dessert:

today we talked about the plan of salvation in relief society. someone said: "if i was satan and wanted to destroy salvation, i would target the women. the woman is the center of the family. let's make them feel insecure, bad about themselves, and lower their self-esteem. let's tempt them with worldliness and self-centeredness."

the discussion went on, but i really enjoyed this thought. next time i think about feeling bad about myself, i'll sock it to him.

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Anne said...

love the "thespians are never normal" quote. happy you two had a fun night out.