Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the countdown begins

one week from today, 
i will be in austin. 
for the next 7 days i will post the
 7 reasons why i cannot wait:

thamnak thai


can you say Y-U-M ?
i can't describe how much i miss my favorite thai restraunt.
the mussaman curry is divine:
followed closely by the pad thai.
food O just thinking about it.
even better than the food, is the people i share it with:
you know who you are.
in one week, you are mine!

other events from the past two days include:

          laundry, laundry, & more laundry
while watching project runway
david won't admit it, but i think he loves the show.
     at least i have handsome helpers
*note* kavi's only wearing one sock.
i think i might have a OCD child.

the boy watches surf's up
and learns the word awesome.

making cookies for family night


  eating cookies for family night 

cleaning the kitchen in my nursing house dress.
yes it has slits, and i won't tell you where.
my friend lisa so generously gave it to me after 
i told her about my love for house dresses.

oatmeal & strawberries for lunch with 3 cute 
boys in the garage
after playing with dirt & rocks & such.
*one sock rule*

 the re-beginning of recovering this hideous chair.

shout out to carlos who housed it in his garage for 
3 months without me touching it. 
p.s. i know you read my blog and love it.

and now i must go continue watching the office in bed 
with Mr. Pruett.
our second favorite past time.


Anne said...

ok---the thai food. i dream about it. nightly. want. i am jealous you get to go be an austinite for a little while again. love the house dress and the OCD boy. love the chair----don't love the laundry. yours or mine.

Angela said...

You have a kitchenaid! Lucky duck. Cute cute pictures!