Thursday, September 24, 2009

a winner and a dampened ego

out of the 3
 people that entered 
the giveaway, 
#1 was randomly chosen from
 the winner is stephanie
who by the way, is like the cutest thing that ever walked 
this earth. 
for real.
so congrats girl 
and email me 
and what you would like.


Jessica said...

well crap, i was totally going to enter and didnt. im lame.must have slipped my mind. i wanted one so bad for my girly. i will just have to head over to your shop:)

Anne said...

aw, man. i was out of town and just checked all my blogs just now. i missed out.

stephanie said...

whoop whoop! totally celebrating over here! seriously though....this is the 2nd time i've ever "entered" one of these giveaways out of a TON that i've been dying for the item (cause blog world has lots of these grand events). i think people just don't always enter..but totally want to. your headbands are adorable. no dampened ego!:)

Justin Shepherd said...

I never win! Dang that thing. :) I'm happy for the winner though and glad I entered!

SandyMarquez said...

Hi Shay! Emily (your cousin-in-law) is in love with your headbands. Anytime we go anywhere she tries to hunt them out. She didn't know how to comment or believe me, she would have! Where and how can we buy some?

Love ya, Aunt Sandy

The Lingo Family said...

I totally would have entered but my little sister, Kelly Jo, got married and it has been a busy busy two weeks. I PROMISE to participate next time!!!