Thursday, September 3, 2009

destination california: part three

stop 3:

our halfway point.
a visit was made to my SIL parents house since she was there visiting with my brother and kids from hawaii. 
molly has a million sisters. 
all of whom are freaking adorable!
i had the pleasure of hanging out with 5 of them:

ummm yeah...AdOraBlE!

we then got to spend the night at grandma's house 
and see aunt jackie and brittny.
(who are equally as adorable)

1 stop, tons of family.


Dan and Merideth said...

Keep having fun girl!

Ive been wondering ... do you get to phone your hubby?? how does all that military stuff work? You should blog about that when your settled. :)

Anne said...

um...what about me?

Noel said...

Wow-All Molly's sistas are all grown up. Shay-thanks for blogging about your adventure out to Cali. I love your everything!!!!!