Tuesday, June 2, 2009


4 years ago, i married this man.

i married him knowing we were young and 
i saw the potential of our future.
i worried at times if we would ever reach 
the milestones i foresaw;
but slowly and surely, we are right on target.
he is growing into the man he is meant to be,
and i feel so lucky to get to watch him do it.
hopefully i am reciprocating this act as a(his) woman.
but no matter how fast or slow we grow, we grow together and
our marriage is strong.

strong together.
strong under Christ.

happy anniversary my love.
i hope you get a chance to think about us,
among your sweaty, stinky, days of
shooting guns and such.


k. lee said...

I love all of your mushy posts and especially this one. Congrats on 4 years! You two are so MFEO.

Kelly said...

Has it already been four years? Wow.

What a beautiful reception you had. All the gorgeous flowers, and pretty pink and green bows, and talk about a great location! Nicole, Aimee, and I had so much fun driving around Cedar Park in David truck. The three of us had Sonic together for the first time that weekend!

Well my dear Shalynn, look at how far you guys have come TOGETHER. And what an adorable little family you have now. I love you Shay! Happy Anniversary!

The Bradley's said...

I love you guys. You looked absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day and you still do today!

Noel said...

Happy Anniversay babe! I love you guys!