Sunday, June 28, 2009

taking chance

patriotism is running through my veins.

i once swore that i would always hate politics.
as i grow older and wiser, i realize that i must make room (a tiny corner) for them in my brain.

this world means so much to me.
this country means so much to me. 
my family means so much to me.
my faith means so much to me. 
my life means so much.

these things are all intertwined and i'm slowly figuring out how to process their relations.

meanwhile, i watched this movie that my brother recommended to me:

taking chance
it all means even more to me now.

put the politics on the shelf (because there is a place for them later, which i won't talk about)
and watch this movie.

and cry.

because their is nothing greater than life, no greater gift than freedom, and no greater sacrifice than dying for it.

in honor of  Independence Day approaching, watch this movie and remember those who are gone. their families are forever hurt, but forever honored to have known them. each one died for our world, our country, our families, our faiths, for our lives.

and for our freedom.

and i am eternally grateful.


The Mathews Family said...

Oh Shaylynn you always touch my heart with your posts. I have heard that this is a good movie. I'll make sure to watch it. Love you!

Lei said...

I can't believe it - Andrew hasn't seen it. Score - birthday present!!! Thanks for the recommendation!

Carlos said...

I saw this movie a couple of nights ago as well. I can imagine your emotions as you watched the extreme respect and reverence that was shown to a complete stranger. I can't help but feel immense gratitude for the men and women of our armed forces.

Monson Family said...

SUCH a great Movie!!!!!!

cindy said...

Shay and I watched this one together and it really leaves you with all those adjetives Shalynn mentioned! A better appreciation of our feedoms and those who gave their lives to keep us FREE!