Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my boy- the aborigine

one of the many eventful days around the cruz house 
while we were in texas:

kavi loves to be nakey and one day asked aunt noelie to tie this string around his waist.
the poor boys' ribs stick out and
he even squats like a little native.

other quirks of his during our texas trip:

falling in love with his swimming life jacket 
and insisting to wear it everywhere,
 including cora's school program


not taking off mason's bike helmet all day.


Amanda and Steve said...


Anne said...

the buns are killing me.

Kristina said...

Oh my...where do kids come up with this stuff??!!!

Noel said...

Ha! And when Perry tore his string off, he came to me in tears insisting I put it back on. How cute! That was a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Did he say " I love to be naked"? No it´s you who wants to have him naked and you are such a retard that you put him up on internet and violate his right to privacy. For what? TO brag about how brave you are when you show him naked on internet in spite of living in a prude country. But children aren´t humans are they? Children are items, accessories or maybe ( at its best) a pet? Parents like you treat your children as something else but a human being as the human nature requests dignity and integrity which you refuse to allow you naked penis-boy.

Anonymous said...

Wanna fuck him! He is hairless on his dick? How big is his dick when erected? Does he wank?

Anonymous said...

Little young but he looks like a good time. What a sweet ass. Wanna cup them while he sits on me facing me and thrust into him hard