Tuesday, June 9, 2009

for baby max

my second quilt was lovingly made for my good 
friend beth's little guy.
i'm in love with it.
and equally in love with her little family.

i love the puckering after it is washed.
this was the first time i attempted the binding. 
poor beth; it is so ghetto-ly done...
but i'll get better at it.

look at this little charmer. 
only 2 days old and already workin' it.

 talk about cuteness; max's older sister, 
maelynn is off the charts!         

congrats bradfords!


Amanda and Steve said...

I love it, too! It's beautiful!

The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

I LOVE the colors! It is so beautiful! Can you teach me? I seriously LOVE it! You are A-MAZING!

Angela said...

Where's mine???!!! Do I have to be prego to get one?

Anne said...

seriously---this is amazing! and i will tell you why...actually i will email you why so i don't hurt anyone's feelings.

Kelly said...

What adorable children and a FABULOUS quilt Shay! By the time I have kids you are going to be an expert... (a hundred years from now)!

Molly Bea said...

Cute baby and love love love the quilt!!!ingial

Beth said...

Really Shalynn, you have outdone yourself. I carry the quilt around even without the baby wrapped in it.
We love you.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!! Good job!

Jessica said...

awesome! can we become friends and you make one for me:)
did you get it quilted by someone. i am making one for my baby boy on the way and want to get it quilted by someone with a machine but dont know where to find one with a machine or know if fabric stores do it. i know you live in another state, but its just fun talkin quilts.
love it!

Lauren Bingham said...

Well color me jealous. My measely sewing projects look like Goodwill rags in comparison ; )

I do want to know, though, where you find such cute fabrics. Please say it's not some local shop...