Thursday, April 30, 2009

so little time

my last final is on monday the 11th.
on tuesday, we pack up and leave for texas for a month.
it's count down time and i am overwhelmed.

so here's the skinny (i wish):
david is in between picking jobs for the navy. he signed on as an IT (computer nerd guy) and is now in the process of switching to a CTI (linguist) after scoring well on the DLAB (a military test that tests your natural ability to learn a new language.) yeah, my husband is basically a genius, not to brag  or anything. well yeah, i am bragging; what can i say...he's smart. when the job is official, he will find his exact ship out date which should be about mid june. he will then go to boot camp for 8 weeks. i will fly there to see him graduate and he will go directly to A-school to learn some crazy language for 6 months-1 year. i will stay here with my mom until i finish nursing school, then we will join him wherever he is stationed. crazy right? i know.

meanwhile, we are finishing up finals and packing for texas.
we will see david's familia, my sisters, david's sister is having her 5th baby, and i am running a triathlon while there. we will also take a mini trip out of austin to washington DC. the SEALS are having a memorial service for their fallen brothers; like Mark, and they invited my family. we will be at arlington on memorial day at Mark's grave and we also plan to do his temple work at the DC temple!!!!!

so much is coming up and i feel so unprepared. 
studying for these finals is the most stressed 
i've ever been about school. 
i am trying to take breaks and relax in between study sessions, so i have been sewing and outside with the kids. 
in fact, today we found some lovely friends in our yard: 2 snakes! the boy was mesmerized as we watched them crawl 
in and out of the rock wall. 
he is such a boy and was so curious. 
after raking, pulling weeds, and getting dirty in the yard,
we had yummy tomato, mozzarella, and basil paninis for dinner. 

these are my beautiful babies after their bath
(because this wouldn't be a blog post without some pictures)

whew... this is the longest writing i've ever blogged!


Amanda and Steve said...

Sounds exhausting! Good luck!

k. lee said...

"Ch Ch Changes"

You will handle it brilliantly!

I freakin' love ya.

The Bradley's said...

Wow! So much is happening! You will be amazing in your finals, no sweat! Everything will all work out the ways it's supposed to! I love you guys and love how informed you keep us as we live away from one another!

Noel said...

Can't wait to sqeeze my neice and nephew when you come. I'm counting down the days sister! Can't wait!!!!!