Saturday, April 18, 2009



what could be worse than changing a baby's poopy diaper?


changing a ninety-year-old man's "poopy" diaper.

and let me just say that in the hospital, we don't use the term "poopy".

this is pretty much what i do all day long during clinicals. today was my last clinical of the semester. we have been working in a rehab unit where most of our patients are over 60 and are recovering from strokes or hip/knee replacements. it's been interesting, but it's definitely not what i want to do as a nurse. another thing that is worse than giving your 6 month old an enema, is giving an eighty-three year old man an enema. if anything, this semester has put a lot of my daily tasks in perspective. 

i don't think i'll ever complain about giving my kids baths, dressing them, 
or changing their diapers ever again!


Anne said...

look at you, cute little nursey! i am really proud of you.


WOW. You are very brave, I could not do any of that.

The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

Wow, that takes a really dedications and desire to be a nurse to change old man poop. You are awesome! Good job!

Melissa Tate said...

Okay, I this what I have to look forward to? Maybe I don't want to be a nurse. j/k I guess it does make you more grateful about the daily tasks we have at home. DId you say you wanted to get together next thursday? If so, that is fine. Call me.

Anonymous said...

You look cute in scrubs!

Molly Bea said...

SO funny! My little sis is a CNA and does this all day long, what a trooper, huh? Yeah, that's one of the MANY reasons I didn't go into nursing!!!

Molly Bea said...

PS I have the BEST birthing story to tell you...I ALMOST got to deliver my friends baby! ha ha!

Noel said...

Shay-I bet your sooo much better than all the nurses that I have to work with everyday on the ortho floor. :-) You look so cute in your scrubs! I love you!