Sunday, April 5, 2009

garden party

have i mentioned the garden parties of my childhood?
my dad has a huge green thumb. 
and when i say huge, i mean AMAZING gardener.
as a child, i would help him in the garden on saturdays.
i would crack open watermelons and pomegranates, 
and eat them straight off the vine/tree.
it was bliss.
so today, i was excited to get the kids involved in 
our gardening process.

   the boy found worms.
"he's my friend" is what he kept saying.

                  while the girl played and the mister laid 
           mulch around the beds. 

we're almost ready to plant our seeds!

oh, and i raked.
a lot!



Nothing sweeter than a "family garden"!! How Fun!! -Angie

Jennifer said...

kavers is killin me. i miss him so much. as long as he doesn't eat his friends...

Paul and Deborah Speed said...

You're so talented it makes me sick!

Molly Bea said...

First of all, Your version of the garden parties sound a lot more pleasant than Trevors...maybe that's why we still don't have a garden :)Also, love the worm picture...and FYI J-man carried one around all day telling me it was his best friend also...our poor pet-deprived children!

Kristina said...

You can totally come prep my gardens for me too...I'll totally let you.