Friday, January 23, 2009

what was once lost is now found

there once was a young girl who desired to travel.
to fulfill her dreams, she worked hard to save her money.
she then traveled all over western europe with only 
 a backpack and 3 good friends.


and loved it.

a year later she began to plan her next trip; for she desperately wanted to travel to africa to work with darling little orphans.

and so the process of saving money began again.
hard work with greasy food and gym equipment
began to pay off.
cash was piling up and
 plans were laying

until she met a boy.

girl meets boy.

girl crushes on boy.

boy is quiet.

boy dates girl.

boy falls in love with girl.

girl freaks out.

girl dumps boy.

girl misses boy.

girl gets boy back.

girls falls in love with boy.

boy asks girl to be wife.

in a nutshell, this girl lost the dream trip to africa and instead spent her hard-saved cash on a ring for the boy.

a nice ring.

the husband took great care of this ring and cherished as he should. 
the wife lost it once before while they were at a lake at dusk.
the husband was her hero when he found it the next morning 
with a metal detector!

but this time the ring was lost for what they thought was for good.

but behold, after weeks of patience it was found in a toy box in texas and was dearly sent home to its beloved owner in a care package.

it is found.

and so is the new dream that it represents.


jennifer said...

Hey Sis,

cute blog about your ring. lucky to find it in the pruett house - that was crazy! isn't nie so little, scary!

Jessica said...

oh so glad you found it. :)

Tara said...

That was a great post!! love it! And I am so glad you found the ring! Keep on dreaming of Africa, you'll make it someday.

Kelly said...

it looks like your blogging spirits have been found!
cute post!
i wish that i had gone on that trip with you!
welcome back shay.

by the way... i had a friend over to my cottage today and she raved about my apron. she even asked if you sold them! do you? i love it! you are so talented!

Gena said...

So sweet!

Christina said...

That is a darling post!!! Glad you found it! Nathan can't wear his while he's doing hardly at all :(

Lei said...

Awwwwww... very sweet little story.