Friday, January 16, 2009

she's back

i can't hardly wait for nie's post today. i will be checking her blog every five minutes or so throughout the day. i love this woman!


stephanie said...

auuugh!!! i'm so excited it's bursting from me. i can't stop reading her post over and over. and soaking in the picture. and the idea of the picture. it's so beautiful to me. i can't believe how she speaks to my soul by just simply being. is this normal? is this okay? is this idolizing? or is this someone i am supposed to recognize and feel inspiration from?
holy moly, i'm happy she's back.
it is quite refreshing.

Tara said...

i agree most defintiely! I couldn't wait to check out her blog. I love her post and can't wait to here all the stories about her recovery, what she remembers or doens't remember, and how she feels about the new nie.
So amazing.

Lei said...

Oh. Bless her heart and soul. Such an amazing story. I haven't read her blog a whole lot, but I know someone who's in her ward and have gotten a few updates since that horrible day. I'm so gald she's back to blogging. I can imagine it's quite fulfilling for her. Especially since the blogging world came so promptly to her aid.