Friday, January 9, 2009

the boy who calls himself chipmunk

my boy is quite quirky.
photo #1 & 2:
on our way home from austin, we stopped at a Denny's for lunch. the boy had seen the 
gumball machine on the way to the bathroom and desperately wanted one. since he had 
been such a good boy in the car, i promised him one after our meal. it wasn't until after i had charged our bill that i realized i had no quarters or cash. 
so i looked in the car. no spare change anywhere.
instead of begging our sweet waitress for her change, we decided the $2.00 ATM charge 
was worth a promise kept. i got change for my twenty from the cashier and
i FINALLY had quarters. the boy got his "ball." in the 
mouth it went and straight into his cheek. he then wanted another one. i obliged. 
the next one went straight into his other cheek.
and with a full smile he looked up at his parents and mumbled, "i chipmunk."

i think i teared up laughing so hard. david and i were so proud to be the parents of this grimy, dirty, pajama wearing at noon boy. when all the laughing was done and before my mind could move on to other things, i reminded myself to give in a little more to receive these happy memories in return.
the  $2.00 was way worth it. even if we are in debt.

photo #2 & 3

after not seeing the boy for some time while i was getting stuff done, this is 
what i found when i went to check on him. he pulled out his sippy cups and 
kid utensils just to order them on the floor in the hall.
random!? i love his thinking.


photo #5

this kids is always taking things apart or building something else. he stays so busy 
playing with toys in different ways than they were meant to be. his latest creation:

"mommy looks at these stairs."

i wonder where he gets it from?
the mom or the dad?


stephanie said...

holy moly the math learning taking place in that boys play!! he's a smart one...i can tell. :)
the chipmunk pic is adorable!
and i second your choice for simplicity in the previous post. i'm craving it.

Noel said...

I can't believe it. It's so much fun to see how this little boy's mind works! I'm having withdrawls..yes, right about now! Come back to Texas!