Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i need YOUR opinion

look what i got attached to this price tag:

this metallic shrug
and for how much you ask?

15 dolla-make-you-holla!

for your opinion:

what do you think about these houndstooth socks with my favorite mustard shoes?

are they too much or just the right amount of sassy?

yea or nay?
yes or no?
yummy or gross?
uh huh or no way?
for sure or nada?
love it or hate it?

i need YOUR honest opinion.
and don't worry, i don't get offended easily.

yes, that means YOU


Kaitlyn said...

I like the shoes, I like the socks, but I don't like the shoes and socks together. Hope that helps.

Anne said...

i actually like the combo. i say go for it!

Kelly said...

YAY all the way!

Brittny said...

What cost $129.00?!

Jennifer said...

shay only you can pull it off. i think it is totally shay. and come on, what could be worse that cat girl at school. anything goes.

The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

I think it is totally you. I like the everything! Great find on your metallic shrug. That is an awesome deal!

Noel said...

Yea. Like I always say, "you can pull it off, I can't". I think it's cute Shay.

Carlos said...

I'm not sure about all the clothes, but keep 'the girl'.

Kelly said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your new layout lady!

should i be patting you or david on the back? :)

k. lee said...

You can get away with anything and still look like a 'million dollars make you holla'. Even more than your cool clothes, I love your new blog template.

Kristina said...

Haha! Love it all - it's so you and what a steal - you know I love a fashion bargain!

Jessica said...

love the combo personally. love the shoes love the socks. i want those shoes and i am kicking myself for not getting them. you are so stylin! :)

Dan and Merideth said...

just the right amount of sassy!!