Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas rundown---in numbers

15 bodies around the christmas tree
luli and wulf's house on christmas eve

4 gingerbread houses
 kalob, kavi, and beau

2 reptiles
me with wulf's boa and dad with the chameleon

3 old friends
amanda is a best friend from high school who was visiting her momma in 
san antonio for christmas. noel and i were lucky enough to spend a couple days with her.
just like old times; shopping, watching movies and eating candy!

9 pairs of ice skates
the family the day after christmas

4 thugs
uncle david, cristian, carlos, and mason


  1 gorgeous mother-in-law                  2 adorable sisters in PJs

8 nursing chihuahua nipples
"princess" who just gave birth to 4 pups

5 crazy cousins
lena, cora, kavi, mason, & ian

3 sassy sisters-in-law
jackie, brittny, & prego sheila

                                    2 loving uncles                    1 supermodel

many, many baths

and a delicious mrs. santa!


Molly Bea said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Loved the cute apron, and already started the book...Ash's tools were perfect, now he has ones like Jayden and Daddy!

The Mathews Four said...

I love it! Your boy is getting so big! When did that happen?! Those poor little doggy nipples look so sore. Poor little lady. Looks like you guys are squeezing in as much fun as you can while you're down there. Kathy looks gorgeous! I've always thought she was so beautiful. Can you sneak more preggo pictures of Sheila in here?!!!! *wink* I really wish she'd start her own blog....

Kelly said...

yes, im reading even from thailand! i dont want to miss a thing!

i love this post! i have started a "my day in numbers" post many times but quit because im always convinced that the next day will be filled with even more numbers! haha!

you saw amanda?! SO FUN!

poor princess. ouch.

what adorable children! ALL OF THEM!


Dan and Merideth said...

I loved how you did that! What a cute post idea!! The delicious Mrs. Santa Is the BEST! She is so gorgeous like her Momma!