Monday, November 3, 2008

a letter to mark

warning: scary picture below!

dearest markie,

do you remember when i used to get hives? this was over ten years ago, and i would get them often, for no plausible reason. they took over 6 months of my life and popped up without warning. one day they would cover my arms, another they would attack my neck, and sometimes they would even cover my whole body. as a big brother should, you made fun of me to no end. One particular day in the fall, my eye was so swollen from these hives, that it closed shut. do you remember the nick name you gave me?
i hated it.
you teased me so hard and for so long, that everybody joined in.i vividly remember you, trev, and tay just laughing and laughing at my poor deformed face, referring to me as this unfortunate bell-ringer with a hunched back.
i could never live it would still make fun of me years later, and taylor still does.

well, i'm writing you this letter to tell you that
i forgive you.
it's actually quite funny when i look back at it now.
and guess what?
10 years later, they've come back; still with no explanation.
just look at this huge swollen lip.

oh, how i wish you were here to tease me some more.
you were really good at it!

i love you,
shay shay


Anne said...

i could make fun of you if you want me to?? although nothing is quite as good as sibling teasing.

Molly Bea said...

Shay, I loved this. :) (but I am sorry about your hives!)

The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

That is so wierd! My dad suffers from the same thing! They did all sorts of tests on him and never found anything. His comes and goes also, but usually he will break out when he is under stress. He too has had the swollen lips but it will affect his entire body. You poor thing...

Noel said...

Oh, how I wish I could be there now. I'm sorry that this is coming again, but is it safe for me to say that I loved your letter to Mark and still love to stand by his side in teasing you!!!!!