Monday, November 10, 2008

corners of a home-part 3

corners of a (texas) home

leilani is a mother of four who has a lot of creative energy, but a hard time 
sticking to just one thing. she adores her children that are full of inspiration and is grateful for her supportive husband who does the dishes! she is currently training 
for a half marathon and running 23 miles a week! 
leilani has many talents; one of her greatest being her passion for music and her fabulous photography. 
she is always changing her approach to life and is always willing to serve! 
this is one amazing lady with a beautiful home!
don't worry, she's just like the rest of us...she makes her children 
clean the baseboards when she's mad at them!

niche about stairwell holds pictures of leilani's ancestors.
she loves how they "watch over us."

                                         sasha's room      family planning area off the kitchen
                                                                      a 4x8 ft. area that has "saved her life."

"tree of knowledge"
a painting by leilani herself.

                                    front door              an inherited antique secretary

dining room

            leilani has a love for birds           unfolding clock collection

halloween typography

master bedroom bureau

my favorite part:
her use of color. i love the plum wall!

what's your favorite corner?


jennifer said...

I like the front door and the hutch with the wreath on it. Leilani is just disgusting isn't she?

Tara said...

Hey, it was SO good to see your comment on our blog!! I LOVE your blog. How do you write over your pictures like that, I noticed that Nie Nie does that too, and I love it.
Anyway, congrats on nursing school!! That is wonderful! And I see that you guys have left the great state of TX. Send me an email and we can catch up proper.
Love you!

Lei said...

hey jen, now you just wait a minute...

LOL! this was fun shay! thanks!

Kelly said...

what a cute house! i love the "tree of knowledge" and the dining room!

and by the way i thought that my mom was the only mom that made her children scrub the baseboards as a punishment! good to know!

"corners of a home" is so clever shay. i cant wait to see whats next!

Jessica said...

wow! i wish i was that daring with color! i need someone to help me with my house, seriously!!!
thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. i love this blogging world and the people we come in contact with. so great!

Anne said...

um...i kind of love it all. but mostly the ancestor wall. great idea.