Tuesday, November 18, 2008

chronicled: a road trip to omaha

noel is here for her first PT rotation. i love sleeping down the hall from my older sis and whispering with lisps late at night with our night guards (we're both teeth grinders). she is brilliant in her master's program to become a physical therapist and i barely get to see her because of it. she leaves before i wake up and gets home around 8 or 9 pm. even though she is supposed to get off at 5, she never complains about staying late to learn more from her clinical instructor. what does she do when she gets home you ask? eats, plays with my kids, studies more, then hits the sak. with her crazy schedule, it was nice to take a weekend
trip to omaha with her, paisley, and our mamma!

we left late on friday with cokes and m&ms.
the drive was about 3.5 hours and was accompanied by THE OFFICE dvds.
we arrive at cousin kara's house and crawl into bed after adoring all her newest decorations.
i get to sleep in the same bed as noel and paisley. just the girls.

the next day went as follows:
shop some more
eat while visiting grandma
cracking up at old people
show paisley off to old people
nap on grandma's couch
eat grandma's diabetic chocolate
take loads of pictures:

3 generations
mom, grandma with paisley, aunt shadda, noel, kara, and me
don't you love my grandma's sassy hat?
she's so fashionable!
said goodbye to grandma
met my younger brother taylor for dinner
ooed and awed over how cute he is
played settlers of catan while eating peanut m&m's
the next day we drove home with some more m&m's (this time plain)
after kara made us an awesome breakfast. we stopped at an antique shop and ate chipotle.
noel studied some more as i drove; this time i tried to help, but instead distracted her
by making her take pictures of the sunset.
ahhhhh. what a weekend.


Anne said...

sounds like fun. i love road trips...and sisters. and m&m's for that matter.

Molly Bea said...

I love the pic of Grandma and Paisley bonding... :) So fun! You girls all look so cute...there's nothing like some quaility girl time :)

Kelly said...

what a fabulous post!
im loving your hair and adorable shirt!

sorry to deter but i JUST looked out the window to see a horse drawn buggy fly by our house with people cozied up with plaid winter blankets and all.

sorry back to you...
you of course look so cute!

miss you as always!
lots of love!

Kelly said...

ps. im sorry that i rambled on and on when we chatted on the phone the other day, that i didnt really ask about your trip!

Tara said...

You are adorable!! It looks like you guys had so much fun! And I really love your grandma's hat!