Saturday, October 18, 2008

corners of a home: part 2

corners of a (swedish) home

kelly is an au pair for an adorable swedish family.
kelly is now obsessed with swedish design.
kelly reads magazine after magazine of swedish design. 
these are her favorite corners of their swedish abode.

the dining room lights
the kitchen
always graced with fresh flowers
a sweet little nook off the kitchen
the orange room

                         a peach tree                                                             klara's room

                             the craft room                                                  the lake

the indoor sauna

how cute is my kelly?

and how cute are "her" kids?
casper, sixten, and klara

what is your favorite corner of this swedish home?


Angela said...

Definitely the lake! I lived in Virginia Beach for a while and we lived next to the bay. Aaahh, I loved the serenity.

Who is Kelly?

shay said...

kelly is my best friend from high school. we met playing water polo in california. she went on to play all 4 years in college...amazing! she is so good to me and comes to visit me and the kids almost every 6 months.
she recently graduated from redlands and finished her teaching certificate. she's now an au pair in sweden for a year. she's amazing!

The Mathews Four said...

Oh what a beautiful beautiful home to live in! That is just gorgeous! Nate's whole extended family lives in Sweden. His mom and her brother are the "foreigners" in their family. His mom just flew back there yesterday for a visit. One day I would love to get out there and meet everyone. So does Kelly speak Swedish?

stephanie said...

you're kidding right? pick a favorite corner?!'s wonderful. all of it. i am especially in love with those windows!!! what a wonderful place to call home. :)

Lei said...

It looks so peaceful... i could definitely be peaceful there. lol.

i love the view of the lake too. definitely.

i think i need to use "definitely" ONE more time.