Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You'll have to forgive me, I am not a writer, but I will try

as i soaked in the bathtub with my favorite gal, i felt a piece of heaven.

i thought about what people imagine heaven is like.
i don't think it's a place where we eat thamnak thai's mussaman curry (although i do hope that i get to enjoy my curry there)
and reeses cups all day long while watching our favorite re-runs,
sitting on clouds. i feel it is much like our world here.
i think it consists of joyful moments like these mixed
with learning and hard work. did i say work in heaven? yup.
i believe we will be taught more and understand things we can't
come close to comprehending now.

while my daughter was gooing and smiling at me in her darling birthday suit, i dreamt of the day that i will see my brother again.
i imagined what he would say, and how he would embrace me and my children. i imagined us gathering with the rest of my family: our parents, and siblings, and ancestors, reminiscing of this earthly life. and i imagined mark laughing at me for missing him so much over all the years.

as i thought of the scenery, i imagined the most beautiful of God's
creations all in one place: the mountains, and oceans, and trees, and flowers, and grass. oh, how i can't wait to see the grass.
miles and miles of green, luscious, weedless grass.

and although i imagined things i would love about heaven such as:

a thin, stretch mark free body,

my thai curry,

no politics,

fire ants that don't bite,

the scenery,


i think the best part will be loving my husband forever.
i can't wait to grow old with him in this life and then enjoy
our relationship for eternity.
i KNOW families can be together forever and i can't wait.

mark thomas carter

noel, mark, taylor, brandon, mom, dad, trevor, jennifer, and me


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful...well said, well said.

Anne said...

love this post and still so sorry about your brother.