Friday, September 5, 2008

my mother's calendar

this is how my mother celebrated her divorce being final.
she wanted to go out to dinner, but had a 
previous comittment in omaha.
oh-my-ha .

can you guess what her saturday activities include?

in other mother related news:
my mother and i met for lunch today after my sociology class.
she was kind enough to save her left-overs for my hubby for when he got home from school.
fried rice galore = david's ultimate fantasy.
this is how she labeled the take out container:

i guess he was a good student since the box was empty when 
i awoke from my afternoon nap.

in other non-mother related news:

how did i produce the cutest kid in the world?

our newly orange pumpkin in the backyard.


it's actually cole and nana's pumpkin.

so i guess this 
is mother-related news.

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