Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a letter to sweden

dearest aunt kelly,
as your first unofficial niece,
i feel obliged to tell you how spoiled you are.
my mum has been sharing your adventures as an au pair
in sweden with me, and i just fill with envy
thinking of your experiences.
i often think of your visit to missouri and long
for you to come back. will you visit me when
you come home and spoil ME like you did last time?
i had so much fun with you!

do you like my new jeweled hair flower that mum
made, or do you think it is too big?
mum adores it's size, while dad is just sick
about it.
i looked so pretty for church on sunday,
just like a lady should.

i have to tell you that my mum has copied
your jewelry fashion. she has found
THE earrings and wears them constantly.
how silly is she?

last night, brother would not stop screaming
in his crib, so dad brought him into our room
late at night. we decided to all snuggle in bed and watch a movie at 11 pm.
typical of brother to steal my mum and dad time.
can you spot me in the corner of this photograph?

i hope you continue to love your time in sweden. i want to continue to hear about your swedish life. tell me about the food, the people,the fashion, and the design. i'd love to hear it all! you are the best!

with love,

paisley noel

kelly ann:

the best friend

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Kelly said...

ahhh! I LOVE IT! i am so excited to have a post dedicated to ME!

i miss you dear paisley noel and LOVE LOVE LOVE your flower headband! in fact, i want one for klara! you tell your dad he doesnt know what hes talking about!

i miss you little one! be nice to mom, dad, and that brother of yours!