Friday, August 22, 2008

the boyfriend jean

i have a confession. 
i flip through tabloids while i'm in line at the grocery store. 
sometimes i even purposely get in a longer line, just so i have more time to 
see hollywood fashion. and every once in a while, i might even buy one. 
i know, i'm bad. i can't help it, and it drives Mr. Pruett nuts. 
BUT, i saw a new fad, that i just couldn't pass up. 
katie holmes was wearing her husband's jeans (with an atrocious sweater might i add.) nonetheless, i LOVED the look and tried it with Mr. Pruett's jeans. 
can you believe i actually pulled it off? or at least i think i did. 
i wore them to class today and felt so sexy in my hubby's jeans.
 i thought about him the whole time of course:)

hey, at least i have one more pair of jeans that fit my non-pre-pregnancy weight yet body.


Angela said...

That is GREAT about the jeans! You TOTALLY pulled it off! That would feel so sexy wearing them to school...of course you'd be thinking of him. That is totally awesome!

Tell us more of the friend who lives in Sweden?

Brittny said...

I saw that picture of Katie and loved it too. I don't know why somet think it's ugly. You look fabulous. No surprise there.